Solvent stripper designed for easy removal of stop-off lacquers

MICCROSTRIP A is specifically designed for the removal of Stop-off Lacquers. The items to be stripped should be fully immersed in MICCROSTRIP A at room temperature for a period of time long enough to dissolve or soften the lacquer to the extent that it can be removed with a saft bristte brush.

MICCROSTRIP A should never be used as a lacquer thinner.

MICCROSTRIP A is a volatile solvent. Operotors should therefore be cautioned against handling this material without proper safety equipment. In the event it is splashed in the eyes, wash immediately with water and consult with medical personnel as soon as possible. Adequate ventilation should be provided to prevent excessive inhalation of vapors. This material should be stored in a cool place.

WARNING: Flammable. Keep away from open fire.