MICCROPatch MC-753

An Air-Dry Patch for Plastisol Coatings

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Miccropatch MC-753 (Air-Dry, Black) is especiolly designed to allow easy and reliable repair of plastisol coatings. It is quick drying and its high viscosity reduces the need for multiple coats. Plating racks can be returned to service with minimum down time. Properly applied, Miccropatch forms a tough bond with plastisol and extends insulation life indefinitely. Miccropatch MC-753 (Air-Dry, Black) is made of the same essential ingredients as Plastisol. It is resistant to all plating solutions, alkaline cleaners at boiling temperatures, and acids. Miccropatch is also available in Green (MC-967).


  1. To repair racks, cut away all loose material and remove any projecting electrolytic deposits. Wiping the area with Miccropatch Reducer will help assure adhesion. Flow Miccropatch into patch area and allow to dry one hour. Flow multiple coats of Miccropatch until patch level is even with surrounding area. Allow one hour to dry between coats. Because of high viscosity and special formulation, Miccropatch will attain maximum thickness with fewer coats than any other material produced. Permit overnight drying time after last coat.


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